Complex systems modeling
Market Insights
Our signals


Customized detection of market instabilities.

Early detection

Instability markers in advance of the onset of a regime change.

Scientific basis

Universal patterns of complex systems observed in physics, biology, finance.


Proprietary detection framework applicable across a broad range of financial asset types.


Detection scale ranging from minutes to days for equities, foreign exchange pairs, futures, bitcoin.

Intraday stock instability detection

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ)

1 min timestep

Long-term stock trend rebound detection

Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE)

1 day timestep

Bitcoin bubble instability identification


30 min timestep

Our process

From computational physics to market insights.

  • Self-organization in a complex system

    Emergent behavior

    Financial markets as complex networks of interacting traders exhibit universal features in proximity of critical transitions.

  • Proprietary pattern detection prodecure

    Proprietary detection procedure

    We developed a robust detection methodology to extract emergent patterns from the dynamics of market observables. Our detection runs in real-time on a wide range of timescales from minutes to days.

  • Ternary Intelligence signal generation

    Signal generation

    Model-based features inferred from financial time series are translated into signals that provide insights about upcoming market changes.

  • Portfolio customization

    Customized portfolios

    A specific set of financial instruments and detection timescales is tailored to customer objectives, which may involve active intraday trading, long-term asset holding, or market analytics and advisory functions.

  • Better


Complementary backgrounds and cross-disciplinary vision.

Beau Giannini, Ph.D.

Beau Giannini, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Pavel Paramonov, Ph.D.

Pavel Paramonov, Ph.D.

Chief Science and Technology Officer

Blending computational physics, complex systems research, and technology management with entrepreneurial flexibility and persistence.

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